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About YOU not US

About YOU not US

We do not have an ‘ABOUT US’ page because we believe our business is ABOUT YOU, not about US.

We believe in offering YOU the best Service Available.

We believe in offering YOU the best Value in the market.

We strive to make YOUR experience dealing with us as simple and easy as possible.

JP’s Metal’s main goal is to offer a service before a product and is constantly striving to improve in bettering YOUR Experience.

We are always open to hear what you have to say about your experience with us, and welcome compliments and complaints.

And if you are still curious about JP’s METAL, here’s a quick story.

JP’s Metal is located in Mulgrave near South Windsor and are qualified and experienced in many industries such as vehicle body building and structural steel.

Our high level of quality & service has led us to work with some of the biggest names in Australia, ranging from the Health Department, Construction & Development & Shopping Centres across the state.

JP’s Metal’s main objective is to create a life lasting relationship with its clients, regardless of the size of the project.


JP’s METAL stocks and distributes a vast range of steel products, fencing, trailer kits, parts & accessories, welding equipment and much more.

JP’s METAL’s aim is to provide the best value in the market and an easy and seamless hustle-free transaction.



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