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R43 HD Red Grease EP2 450G

R43 HD Red Grease EP2 450G
$ 10.73
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  • Heavy duty formula
  • For extreme pressure wear and friction reduction
  • High grade
  • Long-lasting
  • Non-dripping
  • Extends the life of moving parts under pressure from extreme or harsh conditions

DEOX R43 Premium EP Red Lithium Complex Grease is formulated to provide high grade lubricating qualities over a wide range of extreme pressure environments. It works excessively well in operating temperatures between 5°C and 250°C, and its combination of polymers/tackifiers and base oils ensure that it will always stay where applied – even in less desirable conditions, including mud, water, and dirt.

R43 offers excellent long-lasting corrosion and anti-wear protection, extending the service life of moving parts. It is commonly used in the automotive industry, and for equipment and machinery working in harsh outdoor climates, such as construction and roadwork sites, mining, farming, railway, and marine.