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Why Choose Us

JP’s Metal has revolutionised the Steel industry by being Sydney’s first one of a kind Online Steel Store, that let's you browse through stock and prices. This allows our customers to quote jobs, order steel online 24/7.

JP's Metal supplies and distributes quality steel products manufactured to Australian standards from RHS, SHS, Angle to just name a few. 

At JP's Metal we put our service first, we give honest feedback to our customers and we make sure that our customers are treated with respect.

We have repeat customers that enjoy chatting to us and telling us about their latest projects. As Jean-Pierre is a former fabricator he is able to steer the customers to better and easier solutions that the customer would've never thought of.

We offer our great product and service to all our customers and we pride ourselves on our service.

JP’s Metal’s main objective is to create a life lasting relationship with its clients, regardless of the size of the project.